About us

About us

Unique instruments

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Skrettas Handmade Guitars

My name is Skrettas Nikos. I was born and raised in Litochoro, Greece, at the foot of Mount Olympus.

From a young age I remember myself being among woods, tools and guitars. The reason was my father’s job as a carpenter  but also as a guitarist. Whenever I had the opportunity I was next to him, next to the tools and guitars. It was something that filled me a lot, that’s why at a relatively young age, I had learned to handle all the carpentry machines. At the same time my father  taught me the first notes on the guitar.

The first thing I learned to do on a guitar was replacing the strings. It was me the one who had taken over it on my father’s guitars. I was only 12 years old.

That was the time when I experimented to make my first guitar. The result was a colorful guitar-toy, that had fully met my childhood expectations.

In the following years, being already a carpenter  and playing the guitar every day, my desire to make a complete instrument was reborn.  The research for information had begun. After a lot of study, mostly in foreign literature, experimentation on my own guitars and contact with old instrument makers, I was ready to build my first electric guitar.

Having an innate flair for freehand drawing and painting, with a paper and a pencil, Skrettas Guitars were born…

About us

Our Philosophy

Our goal is, each guitar to be an inspiration to the guitarist. From the first eye contact, the first touch and the first notes, we want the artist to feel the instrument as an extension of his soul.

Each guitar is drawn with pencil and paper. It is mostly made by hand, step by step. The woods are carefully selected, with emphasis on both the visual and the acoustic effect.

With know-how, love and patience, we create unique instruments and you compose unique melodies…